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Thank you for considering a financial gift to First Baptist Church. At First Baptist Church we believe financial giving is a heart issue. Pray and ask God for wisdom about how He wants to grow and transform you in the area of giving.

(James 1:5). It has been said, “Give according to revelation, not rationalization.”

Why We Give

Financial giving to the church is an individual response of gratitude for what God has done for you. It is an act of worship to give back to God part of what he has blessed you with. Maybe that is a lot or maybe it is a little. The amount is not the issue. A truly giving and generous heart is one that recognizes and acknowledges God’s ownership over everything and His personal grace to each of us individually.

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Ways To Give

  1. The GIVE ONLINE link below for one-time or recurring debit card, credit card, or ACH transactions from your bank account.

  2. The weekly offering at our Sunday services.

  3. The church’s mailing address and phone are:

First Baptist Church

P. O. Box 89

Hudson, CO 80642 Ph: 303-536-4645


Please note that confidential records are kept for tax purposes.

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